What is Palate?

Palate is a free, independent, monthly-updated online magazine dedicated to food and drink. Primarily UK based but international in spirit, we publish restaurant reviews, articles on the latest hospitality news and trends, wine and bar reviews, food travel tips and much more. Here we explain a bit more about our content…

Palate’s restaurant reviews

When it comes to dining out there is now an ocean of possibilities – and with that, plenty of room for disappointment. Money is tight in this uncertain, post-truth world and no-one wants to waste their hard-earned cash. Palate is here to guide you through that ocean, with a carefully curated selection of reviews.

Palate is entirely impartial and independent. We do not accept invitations from restaurants to review them or any form of discount, bribe or payment to paint them in a positive light. We always pay for our own meals (plus service). We never review restaurants where we are already regular customers. We remain anonymous when reviewing restaurants and they are not told that they’re being reviewed before, during or after our visit. 

Palate takes a particular interest in discovering and championing the rising stars in the culinary world as well as providing an alternative perspective on the more established institutions. Our contributors bring their experience and insight together to help readers make an informed decision and keep up to date on the hottest new trends.  

Of course our reviews are just our opinion, and reflect just a snapshot in time, but we believe our grading system provides a more accurate reflection of a restaurant’s strengths and weaknesses. All of the restaurants we feature, whether venerable institutions or the up-and-coming stars of tomorrow, whether pubs or high-end, are marked out of 20 with only the very best being awarded anything over 17. You can find out more about our marking system in more detail, but in a nutshell the four main things we look for are:

  1. good quality food and technically proficient cooking that isn’t wacky or overly “cheffy” for the sake of it;
  2. a sedate ambience where you can relax in comfort and hear your dining partner(s) speak;
  3. value for money that is fair for the type of restaurant, its location and ingredients used; and
  4. excellent service that puts the diner first and makes you want to return.  

Palate Cleanser

This is the section of the magazine dedicated to wine, cocktails, bars, coffee shops and everything in between. With the advent of Coravin (something that Palate welcomes with open arms) and bars starting to rotate their wine selections, there has never been a more exciting time to imbibe in fermented grapes. We’ve also seen massive strides in the mixology scene, not to mention the craft beer and microbrewery craze, so there are lots of exciting developments we would like to keep our readers informed about. 

Food travel guides

Whether in the UK or abroad, there are ‘gastro adventures’ to be had. Palate’s Travel section includes up-to-date travel guides on out-of-town excursions, mini-breaks and trips that any bon vivant would be mad to miss out on.  

Insight from industry

We love experiencing restaurants and bars but reviewing them from the point of view of the customer is just one side of the story. We’re also interested in the wider context of how they work. We feature carefully researched articles and interviews with interesting insights from those who work behind the scenes.


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